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2-5    80 мин

Вы - группа журналистов, в погоне за сенсационным сюжетом, приехали тайком от всех в дом маленькой девочки, в котором происходят необъяснимые вещи... то крики, то плач...

Time loop

2-4    60 min

We don’t understand who we are and what we are doing here… But we believe that we are able to get out of here… time will show!

Room 3/14

3-5    60 min

When you were kids and even didn’t understand what all the adults were talking about. In one of the days in June your life gave you unexpected present - it was ability to make magic. Probably, you even didn’t realize that you could use this gift at any time in your life: stop the time, move to any place in the world, find out all the secrets of the Universe, even to make a clone of yourself in order him to do all your job. However, when you have found yourself in the Room 3/14 you have only 60 minutes to awake all those old memories and become a wizard and use things that you have already known.

Затерянные в космосе

2-4    60 мин

3124 год. Где-то на окраинах далекой далекой галактики бороздит пространство малая межпланетная маршрутка. Вы – на борту...

Curse of Emily

2-5    60 min

In the year 1962 it was found a young hung up girl in her own house. Official version is a suicide. However the story is not so clear. It was a rumour that the girl had been pursued by someone. Some people in a town are still believe that someone was scoffing over Emily and than killed her.

The saw

2-6    60 min

32+ BYN

42+ BYN

You don't understand where you are, you can't move freely. You have only seen that in the movies before, but now it's happened to you. The rules of the game are very simple: your team has an hour to overcome yourselves, fight your fears and phobias, and maybe sacrifice a member of your team in order to save the rest. Will you have enough courage? The "Saw" quest will be ideal not only for the fans of the movie saga but also for those who are afraid of spiders, blood, darkness, confined spaces, and things that happen unexpectedly. It's also great to bring along a fragile girl with you - this is a perfect chance to show that you are a truly brave person.


2-5    78 мин

70 BYN




80 BYN








Совершенно случайным образом наша команда обнаружила очень необычное помещение. В нем творится нечто необъяснимое, а время внутри обращается вспять. За каждой новой дверью вас может ждать как чудо, так и нечто ужасное, леденящее кровь. Найдется ли человек способный разгадать её тайну?

Texas chainsaw massacre

2-5    60 min

The most horrible nightmare can’t be compared with your find at the abandoned slaughterhouse. Human pieces of meat, behead bodies, rags of skin and picked bones that was enough to make you run from this cursed place somewhere deep in the wood.

Dracula's hault

1-5    60 min

40+ BYN



50+ BYN

45+ BYN

You have found yourself at the Dracula’s hault. The place where you can meet evil forces on every step and where monsters who live in the deepest human nightmares become real. You have to fight against evil forces and release our world from hell’s generation. Can you do it in 60 minutes?

The Saw (Pandora's box)

2-4    60 min

40+ BYN

50+ BYN




Serial maniac Saw is back in business, and today he decided to try you!

1408. Haunted hotel

1-5    60 min

45+ BYN

50+ BYN





Famous writer Mike Enslin was the last victim of the room 1408. In the history of the hotel there have been 42 people found dead and none of them could spend there more than one hour. But you don’t believe in afterlife and ghosts. You insist to move into the room 1408. But you don’t even have a clue that upcoming night will become your worst nightmare.

The last Ocean

2-5    60 min

You are a group of professional thieves. You have decided to rob a flat of famous thief collector. Daniel Ocean is a legendary person. He is the only guy from his gang who still in business. It is heard that there are a lot of jewelry, famous works of art and money in his flat. You did a great job and found out a lot about the “object” and his guests. But the main thing is that the owner of the flat will leave the town for some days in order to commit another robbery. Your target is to get into the flat, avoid security system and to carry as much as possible. When you are ready just give me a sign!

Cirque du Satan

2-6    60 min

You ended up in a town where, many years ago, the Henry du Satel show of a traveling circus took place. Locals bypass the abandoned tent party, and at night strange sounds are heard from there ...

Treasures of pirate Henry Morgan

2-5    60 min

You are a team of brave explorers who discovered the secret map of Henry Morgan, where the location of all the treasures of Henry is indicated. You snuck on his ship under the guise of a crew in order to steal this map. But, unfortunately, you failed. You were captured and put in the hold. At the moment, a gang headed by Henry Morgan left the mess-room because, judging by the sounds on the deck, they decided to board a ship passing by. Here it is, your chance!


2-5    70 min

One influential man, richer than Rockefeller himself, is hiring you to accomplish the mission that has never been done before. Everything is clear you have to break the door bolt, open all the safes, still the necessary documents and vanish in the night.


2-5    60 min

Gravity is a game in a different plane. On the way to victory, players will not have to solve riddles and puzzles, but use their brains in another dimension!

Lost in Hollow

2-5    60 min

Two sisters ... They loved each other and always did everything together. They burned houses and killed people, cut off their heads and hid bodies at home ...


3-6    90 min

In the history of city M. there are a lot of places which are covered by gloom of uncertainty. Abandoned asylum at Sudmalisa street is not an exception. You have decided to find out the mystery of this place. But remember those who are in the darkness can look at you from nowhere.

28 дней спустя: Зомби

2-5    60 мин

ЗА 28 дней вирус "Ярость" охватил всех жителей Лондона. Военные убеждают, что они спасут выживших. Доберётесь ли вы до них или отправитесь в мир заражённых?...


2-6    60 min

You have got the information that there is a crucifix somewhere in Gryffindor living-room. It contains part of the Dark Lord’s soul. It is cursed by random move spell and in hour will be moved to another place. Your task is to find the crucifix as soon as possible and destroy it!


2-5    60 min

90 BYN

In the area of the abandoned asylum people continue to get lost...

Da Vinci code

2-6    60 min

32+ BYN

34+ BYN



Leonardo Da Vinci's secret workshop has been found in one of the basements in a castle in the south of France. What secret has been buried for hundreds of years and concealed from humanity behind its strong walls? What or who helped the great master create his masterpieces, hundreds of years ahead of their time? You will have a unique chance to learn what his secret was. The question is only whether you can escape and share this knowledge or it will stay forever in the ancient shrine. In the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, amid the unfinished inventions of the genius, you will have to solve scores of puzzles and free the captive of the philosopher's stone by closing the magic chain. But who knows, what price has to be paid for it…


2-6    60 min

Year 2224. Spaceship Anthey sets out on the way from planet Next to Earth. Aboard the ship is unknown biological material. These are the Aliens. The self-destruction system is set off aboard the ship. The crew's task is to kill the xenomorphs and prevent the disaster. In the Alien quest, players will have to run around in the multiple ship compartments, while mastering the space technologies and defending themselves from the Aliens waiting around the corner.

Dragon’s treasure

2-6    60 min

You are travellers who seek adventures all around the world. There is a legend that in one far castle dragon’s treasure was hid.


2-6    60 min

In the hot sands of the Egyptian desert, another pyramid was found and the brave explorers were the first to descend into the tomb, where man had not been for nearly 3,000 years. Be careful - the ancient Egyptians carefully defended their tombs from robbers and prepared a lot of traps and riddles. Quest "Mummy" will give you the opportunity to feel like adventurers - to unravel the secrets of the Egyptian papyrus, to avoid the curse of the ancient pharaoh and not be crushed by the moving walls of the pyramid. This quest is suitable for both adult and family teams. In this quest, you will not find a single castle, but be careful - the traps here are quite in the spirit of the ancient Egyptians.

Following Alice

2-5    60 min

When you follow Alice to Wonderland, you will find yourself …in a pretty pickle. The Black King gained control over Wonderland and is threatening to let the Jabberwock out. You will have to save the White Queen, Wonderland, as well as yourself. You have only one hour left!

Phantom of the Opera

2-5    60 min

Your acquaintance, an opera singer, asked you to meet her after a late rehearsal. She is afraid to be alone in the old theater. Many unexplainable and mystical things have been happening here recently: props fall all of a sudden, chilling sounds come from nowhere. You are waiting for the end of the rehearsal in the lobby when suddenly you hear a blood curdling scream and horrible laughter! Is the evil spirit, the favourite topic of all newspapers, real? There is no time to guess! Go save your friend before it's too late!

The Simpsons

2-5    60 min

Welcome to Springfield, an American town, which has been living its quiet life till today. Let’s start from the very beginning when all inhabitants suddenly disappeared and all electronic devices went mad. It looks like the famous family of Bart and Marge has taken part in this dementation. Go to this town in order to make everything calm.

Houdini’s Miracles

2-6    60 min

Harry Houdini is a famous conjurer and illusionist. In the year 1908 he had a tour across Russian Empire. His escape from Petropavlovskaya fortress was the most impressive part of his show. The fortress was one of the most protected prisons of that time. After that, maestro amazed people with his other tricks.

Outlast: part 2

2-6    90-120 min

If the plot is a sequence of acts occurring in the stage work, then it is time to play the final act. The moment of the last tension, the story about yourself. Well, incoming, leave hope.

Indiana Jones: the secret of lost relic

2-6    60 min

In order to become real Indiana Jones you have to know how to deal with guns and know everything about ancient civilizations, now how to distinguish real treasure from trinkets and to be one step ahead of all your enemies.

Pirates of the Caribbean

2-6    60 min

Pirates, pipe all hands on deck! Listen to me, you marine dreamers and gentlemens of luck. There is a chance to change our lives forever. Your captain will lead you through the storms and reefs to the treasures you have never seen. We have got luck and hopefully safe from the curse. Lift the sails! Command!

Indiana Jones: In search of Golden Owl

2-6    60 min

Thousands years ago there was a great town with wise citizens. Today on it’s place anybody can find hundreds kilometers of impassable jungles and wild animals. Those people possessed great knowledge and at some point it had been seemed lost forever. But it is not!

Sword of king Arthur

3-6    60 min

Camelot, Merlin the Wizard, Excalibur, Maiden of the Lake… all those are pieces of the legends about great king Arthur. And you have an opportunity to become part of these legends, to feel the spirit of those times when honour and power made the history. This game is very interesting and difficult it is filled with riddles and magic, knights and nobility. Go through all the way of great leader accomplish the prophecy and find out maybe you are worthy that in future somebody will write a song about your feat.

The Fifth Element

2-5    60 min

The inter-dimensional gateway opens every five thousand years and the forces of darkness attempt to penetrate our reality to destroy it. The Earth will stop existing in 60 minutes. The Universe needs heroes capable of fighting the evil. You are the only ones to stop the Earth and the mankind. In order to win, you must collect four elements and put them together with the mysterious fifth element…

Da Vinci Code: In search of the Grail

2-5    60 min

You searched dozens of museums around the world have studied hundreds of paintings, murals and manuscripts of the great Leonardo da Vinci. Finally, the day has come. You have deciphered the code of da Vinci and know where the Holy Grail is hidden. All the evidence pointed to a small house museum of Leonardo in the Vatican. For your shadow followed by agents of the mysterious organization «Opus Dei». Do you have time to

Magician’s tower

2-4    60 min

There is a fierce war between the forces of Light and the Dark Order. In the last magical battle, the dark magician, the Necromancer Halifax, triumphed thanks to the powerful Staff Asolur, who kidnaps the souls of all who meet him on the way. And you are a detachment of the great order of the Magic of Life, who snuck into the abode of Halifax in order to free all the stolen souls, get the Asolur staff and get out of the dark den, before the Necromancer returns.

Wild West: Golden fever

2-5    60 min

It was 1869 ... In the town of Black Hills, a new gold deposit was discovered ... America was once again in a gold rush, this time unthinkable in terms of production, human greed and intrigue .. And at that moment while you rake up the remnants of your grandfather's burnt-out store, delaying the moment of payment to the next creditors, in a heap of heaps, find miraculously the surviving testament of grandfather Hugh, which will probably fix your plight. The newly opened Union Pacific railway can make your way easier, but on the way you will encounter incredible adventures ...


2-4    60 min

Monster from an abandoned castle for many years tormented district. The Witcher, hired by the locals to destroy the creature, did not return ...

The Ring

2-5    60 min

Lots of unexplained deaths are connected with a cursed videotape. All those who had seen it, mysteriously died in some time. And their disfigured faces were frozen with horror.

The den of mr. Black

2-5    60 min

After successful escape from the smugglers you have the aim - to find mr. Black, the guy who ordered you. And here you have found his den. You’ve summoned some volunteers and ready to start the operation. But mr. Black is also ready for your visit and it turned to you even bigger adventure than you expected.


2-5    60 min

A gang of mercenaries - Nancy, Mad, Steve - operates in the city of M. Their main task is to pick up the goods in the specified place and deliver them to the customer without any obstacles. You are part of this order ...

Pursuing a white rabbit

2-6    60 min

Evil Red Queen has an artful plan. She has decided to catch and put in cage the White Rabbit. It is known that he is the only one who can lead any dreamer to the Wonderland. And only your team has everything to prevent her from doing this. In order to help Rabbit you have to go through fancy road and solve a lot of puzzles. Save the White Rabbit!


3-5    90-120 мин

Стены этого объекта пропитаны ужасом, и каждый сам по себе. Нечеловеческие опыты и крики пленных сковывают каждое движение...


1-6    90-120 min

You are private detectives. There is a case which worries you most of all. You want to make everybody knows about it. Even playing a detective you can be a human being, don’t you?